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Life can be challenging sometimes.  
Almost everyone experiences difficulties in their life at some point. Usually we can solve it ourselves or we can live with it. Sometimes, however, that does not work, or not so easily. Maybe you’ve already tried everything, 

You can get feelings and or develop complaints such as


If you can’t figure it out by yourself, if you want to change things but don’t know how to start, counselling may be right for you.

I provide a place for you to be accepted, to not be judged and to verbalise what you are thinking and going through. We do exercises to cope with your problems and feelings in a confidential, trustworthy, and safe environment.

Everyone is unique, I use different forms, communication styles and interventions from various movements within behavioral therapy.

The therapy is therefore experience-oriented; you certainly need your head to think about things, but your heart, belly and whole body take part; I introduce Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) This is a form of therapy that integrates mindfulness practice such as meditation and breathing exercise.

Personal Spiral of life plan
Usually we have an appointment every 2 weeks and you also get homework / exercises. I offer you to make your Spiral of Life personal plan. This is helpful in future times of pressure and stressful situations.

Some example goals:

You gain confidence and find a way to move forward in your life.

You can reach me by mail for info, telephone consultation or an appointment here.

High Sensitive Person (HSP)

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