High Sensitive Person (HSP)

How are you?

How are you in the world around you? Do you feel different  in certain ways, more responsive? Many people with sensitivity qualities recognize this and have memories from their earliest youth, others notice they have become more sensitive over the years.

The moment you explore sensitivity, you find out that you are not unique but share your sensitivity with an increasing number of adults and children who identify themselves as HSP, which means High Sensitive People.High sensitivity is not yet another label. It is a framework that offers something to hold on to.

Research and theory

Over the past twenty years, more and more people have been talking and reading about sensitivity. Research shows that about 20% of people and animals are more sensitive than the average individual source: Dr. Elaine Aron

‘Sensitive people have a sensitive nervous system, they absorb and process more information than others, and they reflect on it more deeply. Sensitive people are more attuned to their environment than others. Sensitivity is a personal skill. It is not something you have but who you are’ .

If you would like more information about sensitivity, you can visit Elaine Aaron’s website HSP person .

Maybe you recognise yourself in certain things mentioned. Maybe you’re not sure whether that is the case. Recognising that you are more sensitive than others and that you are not the only one, can be a huge relief.

Common situations and overstimulation

You notice everything around you. In common situations you can be swamped by experiences, sensations, noise and activity. More  than you can cope with. You can feel overstimulated and overwhelmed

Help to understand sensitivity

All kinds of causes can be mixed up: this can be confusing and tiring. If you can’t figure it out by yourself, if you want to change things but don’t know how to start, counselling maybe right for you.

Step by step we discover what helps you during our sessions:

  • find out which sensitivity skills belong to your personality,
  • discover your personal borders,
  • understand what is helpful for you,
  • see what your pitfalls are.

You will  gain insight and space and you’ll learn to trust. 

  • Counselling can give you self-confidence.
  • Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) can help you cope with overstimulation and feeling overwhelmd. This is a form of therapy that integrates mindfulness practice such as meditation and breathing exercise.
  • You learn how to recognise signals of overwhelm and set personal boundaries with time and energy.

Make your Spiral of Life personal plan with workbook and exercises. Explore and choose essential tools and skills to cope in times of pressure and stressful situations.

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