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How to deal with uncertainty and fear

The coronavirus pandemic chances everything around us. When I go into town it feels different, I can only connect with other people from a distance. 

In other words, this situation is new for everyone and having no control makes us uncertain and creates fearful thoughts.

Fearful thoughts

You can have thoughts, for instance, about:

  • yourself: how about my health, what will happen to me,
  • loved ones: how will this effect on my family and friends,
  • financial position: Is there enough money to pay my bills,
  • status: what is the long time effect on work and income?

You want to feel safe and have control of your life and wellbeing.  Now you are coping with uncertainty and fear.

Learning to cope with uncertainty and fear

When something really happens in the present moment, you have the power to face it and act.

When you are overthinking all of this, how about the future, what if...,
it’s only happen in your imagination and that makes you suffer. 

Everything that you give your attention grows, also your thoughts and feelings.
For sensitive people: your thoughts attach your energy to the personal and collective energy field of fear. It drains your energy.

You are not alone in your uncertainty and fear. People all over the world are in the same situation.

Take care of yourself; you can’t  change the situation.
Step out fearful thoughts and choose what you want for yourself and what is helpful. 

Step-by-step exercise

The first step is that you realize what is happening. You read this blog; you recognise things.
for example:

  • The thought of ‘what is it  that I am doing to myself.
  • the conclusion that these thoughts, the feeling of uncertainty, are not helpful.
    ‘these thoughts make me feel helpless and sad.

The second step: With the awareness of what is happening in your mind and your feelings, the first glimpse of freedom and presence arises.

  • There is no actual threat at this moment, it is only my thoughts about what can happen.

You create some space and freedom to make a choice.

You can do an exercise to get your attention elsewhere:

  • Concentrate on your breathing for a few moments.

Your thinking subsided to the background if you concentrate on your breathing.

When the fearful thinking arises again, you can remember this article, recognize what will happen and decide that you don’t want to go back there and take action before it is going too far. Then you are already at the first step.

This exercise  (15 minutes) can help you allow yourself to calm down:

When it is difficult to stop the process of fearful thoughts and you can’t concentrate, there are four steps to help you calm down immediately in this article: stress and anxiety, three tips to cope.

Help with uncertainty and fear

All kinds of causes can be mixed up: this can be confusing and tiring.

If you can’t figure it out by yourself, if you want to change things but don’t know how to start, counselling may be right for you.

  • Counselling can give you self-confidence  and trust.
  • You learn how to recognise signals and act instead of bottling your thoughts and feelings inside of you.
  • Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) can help you cope with anxiety and stress. This is a form of therapy that integrates mindfulness practice such as meditation and breathing exercise.

Make your Spiral of Life personal plan with workbook and exercises. Explore and choose essential tools and skills to cope in times of pressure and stressful situations.

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